A Little Pick- Me- Up

A Little Pick- Me- Up

I generally weigh myself twice a week- once mid week and once on Sunday. Let me follow that statement up with the fact that I also hate weighing myself because I don’t truly believe that the number on the scale it the best measure for how healthy and fit one may actually be. I would encourage anyone who is weighing themselves to also be measuring themselves to see if they are losing inches as well as pounds. Ok- back to this morning- I woke up and for some reason I decided to weigh myself on a day that I normally wouldn’t. I stepped on the scale, and to be honest I wasn’t thrilled with the number I saw. I stepped on so proud of my healthy choices this week, and when I stepped off it was as if I had had a bout of amnesia. I completely forgot about the proud feeling I had and all of the accomplishments I had had this week ( double workout days and very healthy eating). I walked around the house with a feeling of failure ( as I was looking for my sneakers) and walked out the door to the gym continuing to feel badly about myself. I walked into the gym and began my workout. I was completing my treadmill challenge (incline sprints ranging from 7.0-9.0 on a 5-10 incline) when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I noticed that my legs looked toned, my booty looked lifted and toned, and most importantly I looked strong and steady in my stride. It was then that it hit me- I am beating myself up and making myself miserable when I should actually be looking in the mirror, feeling confident and HAPPY. I have accomplished quite a bit. I have increased my lifting weight from 8 lb. dumbbells and 10lb. kettle bells to 10-12 lb. dumbbells and a 15 lb. kettle ball. I have increased my minute sprint speed from 8.0 to 9.0. I have come a long way and it is time I acknowledge that and be happy about it.

I stumbled across this quote this afternoon and I just had to share it with all of you. This is something I need to tell myself every day. The happier you are- the more gorgeous YOU will feel and look to everyone else. Happiness brings confidence and let’s face it- confidence is a lot more attractive than sulking and feeling like a failure.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, ladies ( and gentleman ) 🙂


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