Week One Workout

Complete the workout below 4 times a week for best results (preferably every other day in order for your muscles to recover in between workouts). Each abdominal move below will consist of 30 repetitions.  Each cardio/strength move will consist of 20 repetitions.  Go through the entire workout 2 times!!

1) Burpees (20) /Starfish crunch (30)


Burpee: down, jump out, jump in, JUMP up


Pull your legs into your chest and wrap your arms around your leg. Use your abdominals to pull yourself up and in.

2) Spiderman Jumps or 180’s (20) / Scissor Crunch (30) 


Start in a squat with one foot slightly forward and feet slanted a bit outwards. Use your legs to push up and jump half way around to the other side.


Lift one leg straight up in the air and elevate the other 6 inches off the ground. Crunch the opposite elbow to the opposite leg. The leg you crunch toward should be the leg straight up in the air. Switch legs and crunch.

3) Burpee (20) / Plank Tummy Tucks (30) 

* see burpee from # 1


One repetition: Start in high plank. Move one the right knee to the left elbow. Move the left knee to the right elbow

4) Spiderman or 180’s (20) / Right side plank with dip

* See spiderman from move #2


Come up on a side plank on your right arm/side. Slightly dip the right hip toward the floor and back up for 30 repetitions. If your hip hits the floor you are dipping TOO much.

5) Burpee (20) / Left Side Plank with dip

* See burped from # 1


Come up on a side plank on your left side. Slightly dip the left hip toward the floor and return to start. Repeat for 30 repetitions. If your hip dips down and touches the floor you have dipped TOO far.

6) Spiderman or 180’s (20) / Diamond Crunch (30)

* see spiderman or 180 from #2

Image Image

Start on your back with your feet touching so your legs are in a diamond position. Hands straight up above the chest. Use your abdominals to crunch up with your arms coming through the legs. KEEP your shoulders off the ground and pulse for 30.



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