Happy July!!

Hi Everyone!! I apologize for being MIA this past month. I have missed my blog so much. I have no excuses except that I was loving every second of the fun that the summer season has to offer!

I went in to this summer with a new found confidence after all the hard work throughout the ABSolutely April Challenge, Maintain it May Challenge and the Seven Day Slim Down I tried in June.  That’s right! I have discovered a new and pretty darn awesome slim down that I highly recommend. The Seven Day Slim Down is from the amazing Tone it Up Nutrition Plan from Karena and Katrina- the lovely and inspiring Tone it Up girls. You can find all of their amazing fitness and nutrition tips at toneitup.com

When I started the journey to become a more confident, strong every day fit gal I never expected to feel as good as I do now. I am proud to say that I started this journey in April at 131.6 pounds.  I am now at 126.2 pounds.  I am strong, toned, confident and genuinely happy.  I have a new found appreciation for what my body is capable of. My biggest hope is that anyone who has followed my posts or has even glanced at them feels the same way I do.  It is so empowering to feel proud of what you have accomplished.

I am SO looking forward to posting more recipes, workouts and motivation throughout the rest of the summer. Remember to enjoy each day, compliment yourself and others and be proud of all that you do.



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