Paleo Challenge Check In

Check In/ Small Victories:

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! I am just checking in and letting you all know that I am still loving the way I feel while doing this Paleo Diet Challenge. Today is officially my 16th day of the Paleo Challenge. So far I have lost a total of 6.4 pounds and I can notice much more muscle definition in my body as well as much more energy (for the most part!).   Ten more days to go!!


Just like every person who tries something for the first time, there have been some hiccups along the way for me.  For instance, last week, I was under a lot of stress in my personal and work life.  Before I started the Paleo Challenge- when I was stressed, my go to was an intense workout followed by a piece of dark chocolate and a glass of red wine. However, now that I am doing the Paleo Challenge- I can still do the intense workout, but I can not indulge in the “comforting” dark chocolate and red wine.  I am sure that some of you are thinking that this is “no big deal”, but when that has been your go-to stress reliever for the past 5 years, it is a challenge not to break down and indulge.  I am very PROUD, however, to let you know that I did not break down. I simply did my workout, came home, made a healthy dinner of a huge spinach salad with one chicken sausage. Instead of dark chocolate I opted for a sliced apple with a sprinkle of cinnamon for dessert. Victory!!

Example Meal Plan from last Wednesday:

60-70 oz. of water

M1: 3/4 cup egg whites with 1/2 cup sautéed mushrooms, 1 grapefruit

M2: Apple

M3: 2 big handfuls of sautéed kale and 1 fully cooked chicken breast seasoned with a mix of 1 tbsp. balsamic and 1 tbsp. spicy dijon mustard.

M4: Apple with 1 1/2 tbsp. Almond Butter

M5: Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Butternut Squash and chicken sausage served on top of a big spinach salad.

M6: 1 bowl of chopped strawberries and pineapple


Take a look at some of the helpful websites where I have found yummy Paleo Recipes:



Pancakes (substitute egg whites for whole egg and remember- it says 500 calories for 4-6 pancakes depending on their size. If you don’t want that many calories than stick with 2 pancakes!)

Mexican Stir Fry

A variety of yummy recipes from SkinnyMom

Enjoy!! I can’t wait to check in with you all next weekend 🙂 Have a great week!


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