Final Paleo Check In

Hi Everyone!

Today is day 23 of my Paleo Challenge. I am checking in today, rather than on Wednesday (day 26), because I will be traveling to see my family for Thanksgiving on Wednesday! WOO HOO!!!

I am thrilled to tell you that I found the Paleo Diet to be one of the better things I have done for myself in the past year.  I feel so  much healthier, and to be honest, this diet has become a way of life for me.  After the first week or so, the Paleo style of eating became engrained in me and it was so easy to make better choices for my body.  I truly feel that this is something I will continue with (adding back in the occasional glass of red wine of course!!).  All in all, I have lost a total of 7 pounds in the past 23 days and I have gained confidence and health. Be sure to stay tuned for fun and filling Paleo recipes!

Check out my before (top picture) and after (bottom picture)!

before and after



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