My Story



   Back Then

Hi Everyone

Recently I was looking through some pictures from when I was a little girl who didn’t have a care in the world (see above photo).  I remembered being outgoing, confident, fun and fearless.  I believe I still possess these qualities.  However, I also believe that the level to which I possess these qualities has lessened a bit. As I came to this realization, I also realized that I wasn’t ok with it.  Why was it that as I got older I had become less outgoing, confident, fun and fearless?  It seemed twisted and backward to me. As I’ve gotten older I have gained independence, wisdom and intelligence.  So what is holding me back from being fearless, outgoing and fun like I once was?

After a few days of analyzing my behavior I’ve realized two things. One, I care way too much what people think and two, I am lacking confidence in my body. I’ve spent the majority of my days critiquing myself or worrying what other people would think about my actions.

So, here is where it gets good- I’m ready to change this daily pattern of beating myself up and start the pattern of being a confident, fun, fit “everyday gal”! After all, the only person who can control you is YOU! If I want to see a change, I have to MAKE ONE. My focus is on building up my body confidence.  I intend to do this by educating myself about healthy eating and fitness. I am super excited and I would love for you all to follow along with me and become fit and fabulous!

I will be posting recipes, workouts and much more each week so be sure to check in :-)

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